Encountering the Father

dadandkidI used to wonder how to relate to God as my Dad. I used to tell Him that it’s easy for me to regard Him as my God and Lord, ’cause He is big and that no one’s like Him and He alone is God. However, with all honesty and sadness, I told Him that it was a struggle for me to relate with Him as my Father.

See, I didn’t quite have that good start with my earthly dad (we do now, thank God). I don’t even want to put in here what happened as my respect towards my father. But we’re okay now. It sure was tough though. I harbored bitterness and hatred inside. The worst thing was it affected my relationship with my Heavenly Dad big time.

And oh He knows how to extend a helping hand.

I attended one of those PSALM leadership trainings many years back in Cebu. I remember that I was heavy hearted, depressed. I’d been like that for 2 years I think. One time, I went into the prayer room. There were a few leaders there… praying. I sat down and began to pray and told God again about my struggle and it was frustrating me.

I’ll try to describe what happened next.

I was just there… talking to Him… and then I sensed Him embracing me. I sensed this overwhelming peace and joy. I couldn’t help my tears. I cried so much… not out of depression and heaviness. It was different! Very different. Those were tears of joy and peace and freedom and lightness and all the good stuff. Haha. He was more real than the presence of those in the room.

I’ve realized…

He never left, but had been there with me all those times… and that He loved me simply because He is love… and that my depression and the strife between me and my father, and all the hatred and bitterness in me blinded me… and that He alone can set me free… He did set me free. 🙂

After that day…

I see things differently. I had learnt to forgive and let go. I no longer am depressed. I harbor hatred, no more.

I don’t think I know Him fully, but there’s been an in-depth revelation of how He loves me. I think, we all need a revelation of Him being our Abba Father. I believe we all need to EXPERIENCE who He is as a Dad, as our Dad. I believe that the Father’s love erases all the fears, depression, etc.

Our earthly fathers do their best to become good fathers, but our Heavenly Father is always a good Father. He is a perfect Dad. May His love be poured into each one of us.

Can you share your experience with our Daddy God as well?