My being in the ministry brought changes in my life.  The once-so-silent me is changed to someone who starts and keeps the conversations going. The once so-by-the-side individual now goes and reaches out to people. The once introvert is now an extrovert-blooded being.  I do smile a lot now. I do laugh a lot as well.

It is fun to be with people (sometimes, it’s hard too). I get to talk to a lot of them. I get to pray for them; and share their hearts, their joys, and their sorrows. Some of them like me. Some of them don’t. What can I do? That’s just life. You win some. You lose some. You cannot please everyone.  But yeah, I do my best to make sure I do my job well (it’s no job for me, but really a ministry).

Anyways, this blog is not really about me being an introvert or the opposite. My prayer is that this could be used for His glory. Hopefully, people could learn from my mistakes and the things I learnt as well. God bless.


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