So Long 2013

The year 2013 was, I believe, an unforgettable year not only for me, but for every Filipino as well. I think we will never be able to forget the war in Zamboanga City, the 7.2 earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, and the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) which wasted thousands of lives in the Visayas region. But, what can we do? It’s always for the best to kiss the past goodbye, learn from it and move forward.

So, what have I learnt last year?Your enemies could become your friends.

I have this close friend now who was once (if I may say) one of my enemies. We didn’t like each other. We had a hard time getting along. And to let it stay like that would have been the easy way but certainly not the sweet way.

I don’t know how God exactly did it. True, there were times when we chose to be kinder towards each other (even when we didn’t want to but did it anyways to obey God).  Still, who would think we’ll get along and get along well? Who would think we even would become close friends?

That is just something God alone can do. So, open your heart and allow God to lead you. He can turn your enemies to your friends.

True friends are a rare jewel, you know?

God closes doors too.

Close doors used to upset me. They still do today. Haha! A little. I’ve learnt and still learning to trust God even when I don’t understand why certain things are as they are. He knows what’s He’s doing. He is God. 

I’m learning to  thank Him for the open doors and the ones He has purposely closed. I know that He loves us so much to let us miss our destiny. Two things: chillax and just trust Him!

Family’s pretty important.

We’re stronger together.

I am stronger with those people who celebrate me who celebrates them too. We’re never designed to live alone anyways. Without family we die. Take note that I don’t just mean the biological family here. Though, that’s wonderful too.

What good it is to have possessions when you don’t have people to share them with. I believe in a family!

Health is wealth.

Jesus says that His burden is easy and it is light. If it’s not easy and light, it may not be His.

What good would it be to finally achieve what you wanted only to lose it because of a deteriorating health?

Learning to be in His rhythm is the key!


Faith needs a goal, so plan. When you plan, ask for His plan first. Then, let His plans be yours. Learning to adjust and to yield to His will saves us a lot of pain! Don’t forget to do the plan, alright?

Ask for His help always!

If God says go, do so.

There are times that we need to dig our heels in, to never go come what may. There are times too that all we need to do is go.

If He tells you to go, then, by all means go.
Just make sure it’s Him. Save yourself from heartaches. Go if He says so!

A blessed 2014 everyone! Our latter shall be greater than our past. Move forward!

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