Our Pets

If there’s something that we four share (my parents me and my brother), it is our love for pets. We have plenty of them in the house. We have three cats and a dog. Four is plenty? Yes, for us at least. Here they are!

ImageSay hi to Jap! I named her Japinta Macala. Jap because she’s a mix Japanese spitz and that other breed which I forget. Forgive me, I no longer can recall. Haha! I also gave her our last name, Macala. Isn’t that cool? I thought so.

I was supposed to receive a male puppy but my friend gave me the wrong dog unknowingly. I don’t blame her. She was just in a hurry then. We needed to have the puppy checked, vaccinated and readied for the transport from Cebu to our place. And just when we were through all the processes we noticed it wasn’t supposed to be her. Since I couldn’t afford an exchange due to the lack of time–I had few hours before the boat leaves for Ozamis City, I opted to just bring her with me. By the way, she eats anything from fish to bread to veggies. She eats fruits too! Oh, isn’t she adorable?

This is Ming-an. Her name sounds ChiMingnese isn’t it? It has nothing to do with Chinese though. Perhaps they named her Ming-an because she makes that ming sound? And the an is just added so it so it will sound feminine. I really don’t know. Hehe.  The name Ming-an fits her though! She gave birth to three lovely kittens. Of the three only one survived.


Introducing the cutie Survi. I named her that because she’s the only survivor of the three kittens. She now plays with her mom. It’s fun seeing her grow strong.

Oh, I almost forget! We have him too!

This is Pengu. My mom liked the cartoon character named Pengu in one of the TV shows so much that sheDSC03570 named him after that character.

Poor cat, he looks terrible in this picture. He often gets into trouble with some stray cats.

Not to worry though. He’s recovering now. He is getting fatter and better these days.

That’s it! Those are the pets we have at home.


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