Celebrate Life

Life is full of surprises. I wish life’s perfect, but it is not and will not. Things happen. People change. Circumstances get out of hand. And sometimes, life just knocks us all down and knocks us down really hard. Sometimes, it just becomes exhausting and boring. But it’s not all bad and ugly. Its exciting. It even is beautiful.

I celebrate life. Above all, I celebrate the God who gave it.

As I’m writing this, I’m just waiting for my exit date (from work) to finally come, with little money to start over, with not much clue as to what exactly I am to do (I know the ‘why’ though), But, with great stillness and peace inside of me. And believe me, I am smiling.

What if I fail? What if I’m wrong at this? I thought of those questions too. I thought of those many times, countless of times even. But I’d rather do something that I think is right (not against the Scriptures) than be ever wondering about what could have happened had I stepped out in faith to do it.

It’s risky, but I have placed my hopes in Him. I trust Him for everything. But what if I fail? Daddy loves me. Life goes on.

I thank God for a productive time and for all of those wonderful people at my previous venture. Those were really good people. Those were really wonderful times. And I will bring with me the things I’ve learned from all of ’em.

Life. I believe that it’s just about perspective. Life is sometimes good and sometimes not. But it is good or bad the way you see it. I pray that God would always have my eyes open and my heart ever sensitive. And that I won’t do things my way, but be always sensitive to Him and obey Him wherever and whatever.

Hey! Life is good! Cheer up! As long as you have Jesus, things change. They change for the best. 🙂


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