Sisters By Heart

I have a wonderful brother; but have no sister. I think I’ve always loved to have a sister. My parents didn’t like the idea though, and so decided that they would only have 2 children-me and my brother.

Do you know that feeling when you find you in a person? You’re not blood-related, yet you are so connected. You’re both unique, yet the same. And even without her telling you, you know about what’s going on. You’re usually able to discern how things are. Well, this is the case I believe in friends. close friends. And with relatives and family members.

We’re so different. Color. Style. House we live. Parents. Appetite.

We’re so the same. Sometimes demanding. Often OA (overreacting).  Love God. Love music.

What a blessing she is to me. It’s astonishing the thing God does and many more! He gives you sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers. You’re never alone. 🙂

I’m happy I have a sister! She’s ever learning. Ever growing. And has a beautiful heart. I think she should thank me for the positive changes! Just kidding.. All to God who’s able to change lives!

Is it possible to find a sister in someone who’s not even related to you by blood?

Yes! She is your sister by heart.


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