Daddy God

How you perceive God affects the way you relate to Him. If you see Him as one ruling in tyranny, you probably would be scared of Him to death. If you see Him as just a “provider”, you’ll end up coming to Him only when you have a need. If you see Him as just a “helper”, you will only go to Him when you can no longer handle things on your own. Right knowledge of His character and His power would have us relate to Him appropriately.

In the past, I remember telling God that I could relate to Him as God. I told Him that it’s easy to do that because He is big and powerful; and all the intricacies and beauty of the earth reveal His great ability. However, with words hard to say I told Him “..but it’s hard for me to relate to You as my Father.” I don’t remember much of a father-daughter relationship in my younger years. I was depressed and I didn’t have a good relationship with my dad (didn’t because that isn’t the case now. I didn’t understand things the way I understand them now.

I still remember how it felt then. It was PSALM’s national training and I was there. I remember going to that prayer tent the leaders had set up for our devotionals. Hungry to hear from God, I spent time with Him. Then, I relayed those words to Him, included are those things that concerned me that day. I didn’t feel the wind caressing my skin, nor did I have ghost bumps. I had nothing like that at all. What I sensed was His overwhelming Presence enveloping my lonely life. Warmth and lightness fill my heart. I sensed so much joy I never experienced before that.

I, to this day still don’t know how it all happened. I can’t explained how He did it. It was so real. It was as if He was just before me. He made me understand that He is my Dad, my Abbah, my Father. And I understood it for the first time. I understood how it feels to have Him as my Dad.

He never fails to amaze me. He speaks to me through His word. He speaks to me as my Dad. I am in felicity knowing that I have a Daddy! I love you God.


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