My mentor said that for one to have a healthy life, he has to have people mentoring him, people befriending him (peers) and people he’s mentoring as well. I’m blessed to have all three. I got people pouring their lives into mine with the hope to make me better. I have awesome friends who encourage me. And God has been so gracious to give me the privilege to mentor some people as well.

Although, God has used a lot of people to teach me lessons in life; I have decided to mention only four in this post. This post is dedicated to the FOUR PEOPLE God has used to teach me lessons I will never forget.

I am a thinker and I tend to look at things and people through the lenses of logic and reason. One person commented that I am such an emotionless being. At some point, I agree with her. I am not against reason. However, it also helps to use ones heart in relating with people. It’s when they see that you hurt with them and even for them that they can start to open up to you.

I am so thankful for people who are honest enough to show their hearts without fear of rejection. I’m happy that God brought you to my life to teach me to be vulnerable and fragile. Thank you Grace. You’ve truly lived upto your name.

Ahh.. Mama Joy is like conscience to me. When she’s around I’m always reminded of my devotion to God. I’m reminded to put God first, to honor Him in everything and to love Him above all.

She was the person God used for me to be introduced to a wonderful church. She was also my Bible Study leader who followed me up and prayed for me. That’s why I call her ‘Mama’ even these days. She really adds up energy into me. And yeah, she has lived upto her name ‘Joy.’

How do I describe her? She is a persevering person. She has a great love for her family and I admire her for this. Through her I learnt to not settle for less and to go for whatever dream God has placed in my heart.

Additions: She strives hard and achieves. Giving up isn’t an option for her. She’s a ‘beauty and brain’. She’s ambitious (in the purest meaning of the word).

I call her Tweng2. She calls me Tweet. She was once my roommate. She was and still is a dear friend to me.

God taught me to relate to people through Joj. She really is a good friend who knows how to connect people to other people. She follows up on her friends and makes sure they’re fine. A friend who sticks closer than a brother, that’s who she is.

She’s both tough and sweet. She knows how to get your attention. And she would really require your time. For Joj relationships are worth spending the time for. I would give a big yes to this!

It’s amazing how God knits people together. It’s amazing to be around people who remind you that you’re still human. Thank you Lord for these FOUR.


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