Sisters By Heart

I have a wonderful brother; but have no sister. I think I’ve always loved to have a sister. My parents didn’t like the idea though, and so decided that they would only have 2 children-me and my brother.

Do you know that feeling when you find you in a person? You’re not blood-related, yet you are so connected. You’re both unique, yet the same. And even without her telling you, you know about what’s going on. You’re usually able to discern how things are. Well, this is the case I believe in friends. close friends. And with relatives and family members. Continue reading


Daddy God

How you perceive God affects the way you relate to Him. If you see Him as one ruling in tyranny, you probably would be scared of Him to death. If you see Him as just a “provider”, you’ll end up coming to Him only when you have a need. If you see Him as just a “helper”, you will only go to Him when you can no longer handle things on your own. Right knowledge of His character and His power would have us relate to Him appropriately. Continue reading


My mentor said that for one to have a healthy life, he has to have people mentoring him, people befriending him (peers) and people he’s mentoring as well. I’m blessed to have all three. I got people pouring their lives into mine with the hope to make me better. I have awesome friends who encourage me. And God has been so gracious to give me the privilege to mentor some people as well.

Although, God has used a lot of people to teach me lessons in life; I have decided to mention only four in this post. This post is dedicated to the FOUR PEOPLE God has used to teach me lessons I will never forget.

Continue reading

God Is Good

Some people view God as a sugar daddy. They only go to Him when they are in need of healing, provision, peace, joy, etc. Some view God as a hard God. He sits on His throne laughing at our afflictions.

How we see God affects greatly how we relate to Him. If this be so pivotal, then we ought to search the Scriptures and know Him more and more. Today’s devotional focuses on God being a giver. Continue reading